Tips for Keeping Skin Soft in the Dry Winter Air

Lincoln City skin care specialists

As warm summer days give way to cool fall nights, our Lincoln City skin care specialists want to make sure all of our patients avoid the problems commonly caused by dry air. Switching the air conditioning from cool to warm may make you more comfortable when in the home, but indoor heating can also strip the moisture out of the air. When combined with the cold, wet conditions found outside, your skin can quickly become dry and flaky.  

Fortunately, there are a couple of steps you can take to change both your environment and skin-care routine that will help to keep your skin hydrated and feeling its best, no matter how cold or rainy the weather outside. Let’s take a look at a few of the steps our Lincoln City skin care specialists recommend.

Purchase a Humidifier

One of the great equalizers when it comes to regulating the amount of moisture in your home, a humidifier can counter your heater’s ability to make the air bone dry. Humidifiers offer an affordable solution for adding that much-needed moisture back into a home’s environment.

Since your home is likely too large for just one humidifier to have an impact, consider being more strategic with your placement. Placing a humidifier next to your office desk or beside your bed will help to keep the rooms you spend the most time in more humid and comfortable for your skin.

Steam Your Complexion

Steaming your complexion not only offers a zen-like experience that’s perfect for helping you relax, it also works to prepare your skin for the rest of your skin-care routine. A quick steam will soften the skin and open up pores so that your skin can better absorb any products you use at night.

Refresh Your Skin with a Facial Mist

A facial mist works wonders at helping to provide the skin with a quick burst of hydration. Whether feeling a little dry after working out, face feels a little tight after a hot shower, or you just need a bit of a pick-me-up, a facial mist can be just what your skin needs to feel revitalized.

Consider Using an Overnight Mask

During the dry winter months, your skin needs all the hydration it can get. Wearing a nourishing facial mask at night while you sleep offers an easy solution for waking up feeling and looking your best. Facial masks offer a great way to take your nightly routine to the next level that can result in smooth, supple-looking skin come the morning.

Moisturizer with Oils

After using a moisturizer on your skin, lock in that hydration by using a face oil. You’ll have a variety of options to choose from, but we recommend you consider using a formula that contains sunflower oil and ceramides to provide the right burst of hydration.

Exfoliate Frequently

To get rid of any buildup of dead skin cells, you need to exfoliate your body and face once or twice a week so that the smoother, more supple skin beneath can shine through. For the face, consider using chemical or physical exfoliants.


The fall and winter months can cause your skin to suffer if you don’t take the right precautions. Fortunately, our Lincoln City skin care specialists are here to answer any questions you may have about taking the right steps to keep your skin looking and feeling great. If you have any questions, feel free to ask during your next appointment with our team at Valley View Dermatology.