The Importance of Sunscreen


Your Salem dermatologists at Valley View Dermatology know that summer is the favorite season of many people for a variety of different reasons. From camping to swimming and spending time outdoors with family and friends, the sun is a big part of many summer activities. While the majority of outdoor lovers understand the importance of wearing sunscreen, some don’t realize the danger they face by going outside unprotected from the sun’s rays. There are many reasons to wear sunscreen every day – not just in the summer months.

Our ozone layer is being depleted and allowing more harmful rays to reach our skin than ever before. This also increases our risk for skin cancer as those cells are damaged by the sun’s harmful rays. A sunscreen with an SPF of 3o or more is what our Salem dermatologists recommend our patients wear daily. Even when it is cloudy and there isn’t any visible sun or warmth, the sun’s rays can still get through and damage our skin. The sun is the cause of those brown spots that many patients complain about that pop up on our bodies as we age. They are known commonly as “sun spots” or “age spots” and can be avoided by protecting your skin with sunscreen!

The sun also damages the collagen and elastin in our skin. Wearing sunscreen and avoiding sun exposure to your face is the best way to reduce the development of wrinkled, premature agin skin! It can also reduce the appearance of red veins and blotchiness on your face.

The damage we cause our skin now will gradually appear over the next 10 years. Our suggestion is to find a sunscreen that you like and integrate it into your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth. When you are out in the sun for more than two hours, reapply! Nothing can stop us from aging, but this easy, daily step can help us all prevent skin cancer and age more gracefully!