The Best Ingredients for Healthy Skin

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At Valley View Dermatology, our skin care doctors in Keizer know that many of our patients desire more natural alternatives for keeping their skin looking and feeling its best. Fortunately, there are a number of over-the-counter remedies available that can help your skin appear more youthful and healthy looking. It may take a few months before you start to notice a significant difference, but give it time and many of these ingredients will provide some additional boost to your normal skin care routine. Let’s take a look at a few of the natural ingredients that our skin care doctors in Keizer believe will help you look your best.

Wrinkles: Retinol & Vitamin C

If you have developed fine lines, retinoids – which are derived from vitamin A – such as retinol may make your skin smoother because they encourage the skin to produce more collagen. Even better, retinol is easier on the skin than the prescription strength version, called tretinoin which can cause the skin to dry out.

Products that contain vitamin C may help to fade fine lines while also lessening the damage sun exposure causes to your skin. When combined, that may help to prevent wrinkles from developing.

Sagging Skin: Ceramides & Peptides

Treatments with peptides or topical growth factors could help to firm up sagging skin. Peptides are a type of amino acid that help make proteins, including collagen. Collagen ranks as the primary protein found in the skin.

Moisturizers that contain ceramides – a type of fat found in the layers of the skin that fade away as you age – are also an option. They usually cost less than products containing peptides.

Age Spots: Kojic Acid, Vitamin C, Retinoids & Hydroquinone

An over-the-counter drug, hydroquinone can bleach the skin, which may work to fade dark spots. Retinoids may help to make skin tone appear more even. One study found that vitamin C helps to reduce age spots when used for three months. Kojic acid – a chemical typically used as a skin-whitening agent – can also cause age spots to fade and become less noticeable.

If you use any of these types of products, make sure to wear sunscreen whenever heading outside. Your dark spots may come back if your skin receives too much sunlight.

Uneven Skin Tone: Retinoids & AHAs

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAS) remove dead skin cells from the body. By removing old cells to allow new cells to shine through, your skin could start to appear more even. Retinoids have the potential to have the same effect on your skin. However, both retinoids and AHAs can irritate the skin, so make sure to use caution if you have dry or sensitive skin.

Dull Skin: Retinoids & AHAs

If you have dry skin or you smoke, you’re more likely to develop dull skin. A moisturizer may help to make dull skin look firmer and fuller. Retinoids and AHAs could also help to brighten your skin tone by stripping away more dead skin cells.

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Healthier, better-looking skin is just an appointment with one of our skin care doctors in Keizer away. If you want to enjoy the type of skin that makes you feel great, contact our office today to schedule your next appointment with the team at Valley View Dermatology.