Summer Skincare Tips That Will Help You Beat the Heat

Our Lincoln City dermatologists

When the wet and cloudy months of winter and spring finally give way to the warm summer sunshine, the time has come to get outdoors and enjoy another beautiful Oregon summer. Our Lincoln City dermatologists know that for many of our Valley View Dermatology patients, the warm weather brings a range of skincare challenges and questions.

While a solid skincare routine should be useable during all seasons, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider making a few tweaks now that summer has finally arrived. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways you should consider changing up your skincare regimen to help keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

Scale Back Your Skincare Routine

During the summer, you wear less clothing, your skin receives more direct sunlight, and you perspire more. As a result, you may need to embrace a lighter approach when it comes to your skincare routine.

Your pores open when you sweat and that works to release the buildup of toxins that clog the pores. Wearing a heavy makeup or moisturizer can have the opposite effect you’d generally want if they interfere with your body’s ability to release sweat by clogging pores.

The heat and humidity of the dog days of summer mean you can swap out some of the heavier products you use for lighter options. For example, instead of using an oil or cream cleanser, try a lighter foaming cleanser.

Switch to a Multi-Purpose Moisturizer

One way to lighten up your routine during the summer is to use a combination sunscreen and moisturizer.  A lighter moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30 will work for most patients who don’t experience eczema or other dry skin issues.

Using a thicker moisturizer can actually clog your pores when used outdoors in the heat. Since your pores won’t be able to fully open, this type of products can cause pores to become clogged, inflamed, and more prone to breaking out.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, using a combination sunscreen/moisturizer can make a significant difference helping to reduce breakouts and acne.

Start Using a Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C offers your skin plenty of benefits during every season, but especially during the warm summer months. Vitamin C works to prevent hyperpigmentation, boost collagen production, and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Just layer a few drops on your skin in-between cleansing and moisturizing to give your skin a little added protection.

Make Sure to Exfoliate

Keeping pores open is really the biggest battle you need to win to keep your skin looking its best. If you have oily skin, our Lincoln City dermatologists recommend adding more exfoliation to your daily skincare routine.

However, more exfoliation doesn’t mean applying potent acids to your face on a daily basis. Instead, try slowly increasing the number of days a week you exfoliate.

Our Lincoln City dermatologists recommend using alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) pads to help open any blocked pores and to remove the types of oil from your skin that cause acne breakouts.

Shorter Hot Showers

Getting sweaty requires hopping in the shower to get clean. Depending on how often you work out, spend time in the sun, and just generally go about your day, you may find a need to shower two or maybe even three times a day.

Feel free to shower when you need to get clean, just make sure to keep them short – no more than five minutes in length. Spending too much time in the shower, or showering in really hot water, can work to dry out your skin. This can cause inflammation and summertime eczema.

Only Use Non-Comedogenic Makeup

Before you next apply any makeup, take a moment to look over the labels and only use brands that are non-comedogenic. This overly complicated word simply means that a product is formulated without the addition of any ingredient that can clog your pores.

As we said before, keeping your pores open is the most important fight you need to win in order to keep your skin looking great in the summer sun.

Seek the Shade

Direct sunlight ranks as the primary cause of premature aging skin. That’s why our Lincoln City dermatologists recommend against patients suntanning and that you only spend time in the sun when wearing a hat that covers your face and clothes that cover your arms and legs.

If the heat means shedding long sleeves and pants, then make sure to camp out under a tree or somewhere shaded to prevent burning. Sunburns not only increase your risk for developing skin cancer, they contribute to skin that looks worn, aged, and wrinkled.

Stay Hydrated

Proper hydration always matters to skin health, and that’s especially true when the weather gets warm. Drink plenty of water when at home and outdoors to stay hydrated. Your skin will appreciate the effort.