Is Your Skin Ready for the Start of Spring?

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Even with our very wet and moist Oregon winters, dry and flaky skin can still present a problem for many of patients looking for skin care solutions in Salem. Of course, while the winter months can seem troublesome for the health of your skin, don’t underestimate how a change of seasons can complicate your skin care routine.

Now is the perfect time to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the skin challenges that await once the weather begins to warm. So that you’re better prepared for when the flowers start to bloom, here are a few tips for what to expect when spring finally arrives.

Prepare for Your Skin to Revolt

A change in weather can cause your skin to seriously freak out, so get ready for redness, bumps, and general havoc to occur. Depending on your skin type, you can expect to see a variety of results. Naturally dry skin may become a little more inflamed while oilier skin types could see more breakouts occur. To combat these conditions, try phasing out the use of any moisturizers that contain oils or petrolatum, and switch to a more water-based formula instead.

Don’t Stop Believing in Exfoliating

During the summer, your body will start to shed more dry skin. By continuing to exfoliate, you’ll help to increase the skin-cell turnover, which will help to keep your skin looking vibrant, while also preventing dry skin from clogging your pores. Try to find the time to exfoliate at least twice a week. But if you really want to treat your skin the spring, consider cleansing your pores with a light medical chemical peel at our Salem dermatologist office.

Don’t Skimp on the Sunscreen

The winter months offer a great time for your skin to hibernate and start to repair the damage done over the hot summer months. But during the summer and spring months, your attention needs to be on prevention. That means you need to wear an SPF with a minimum of 30 while also using a hydrating serum.

Brace Yourself for Breakouts

Breakouts can occur as part of any seasonal skin transition. If you use retinol, check with one of our Salem dermatologists to see if you need to increase the concentration. Make sure to also keep your preferred acne-fighting skin care products on hand to quickly clear those pimples up.

Add a Little Cream to Your Makeup

If your makeup routine during the summer includes the standard powder and foundation combination, your skin can start looking less than its best. Creamy blush provides your skin a nice, natural looking glow. You’ll also want to switch to a creamier concealer as a liquid-based concealer can dissolve quickly due to sweat.

Embrace Your Sweaty Summer Glow

If the warmer months make you sweaty, hot, and dry, powdery textures will begin to blend together to create a truly unflattering look. You should consider using Japanese blotting papers instead to blot oil away and to remove the glow from around your cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose.

Balance is Key

You need to become comfortable with the idea that you’re always going to look a little shiny this spring. Balance out that shiny look in your T-zone by creating lip textures that look velvety and light. To achieve this look, try applying lipstick by patting it on your fingertips to get a nice transparent, but still pigmented, appearance.

If you need tips on how to achieve the looks we’ve described above, or you need a few new products to help you beat the skin care problems that come with spring, come down to our Salem dermatology office. Our estheticians can recommend the right products to provide the skin care solutions in Salem you need to keep looking your best no matter what time of year.