Skin Care Essentials For Surviving Winter

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As a dermatologist in Salem, our staff at Valley View Dermatology understands the harsh effect winter can have on our skin. Even though here in the Pacific Northwest we typically avoid the harsh winter air commonly found in other parts of the country, even the wet winters of Oregon can have a lasting impact on the health of our skin.

For many patients, the clear, wet days of winter bring out more than just their rain jackets. They also bring uncomfortable dryness to our feet, hands, and face. For some, winter skin problems extend beyond just a general dry, tight feeling; they suffer from skin so dry it causes cracking, flaking, and even eczema, a condition that causes skin inflammation.

If you suffer from dry or uncomfortable skin whenever the weather turns cold, here are a few tips that will help your skin stay healthy and moist throughout the winter months.

See Your Dermatologist In Salem

If you buy your skin products at the drug store, you’ll have a hard time finding someone to ask for good advice about the specific type of care your skin requires. That’s what makes scheduling just one appointment with one of our dermatologists or estheticians at the Dermatology Clinic such a worthwhile investment. Our specialists can analyze your skin type, discuss your current skin care regimen, and provide input about the types of skin care products you should consider using.

More Moisturizing

You may have noticed the effectiveness of your moisture diminishes as the weather turns colder. That’s because what works for your skin in the summer and spring won’t necessarily work during the winter. When the seasons change, try switching to an oil-based moisturizer – instead of one that’s water-based – as the oil will help to create a barrier over your skin that will retain far more moisture than a lotion or cream.

However, not all oil-based moisturizers work equally well at keeping your skin moist, while also keeping it clear. Look for “nonclogging” oils like almond, primrose, mineral or avocado oil to prevent breakouts.

Don’t Shy From Sunscreen

Don’t make the mistake of thinking sunscreen should only be worn during summer. Winter sun – especially when reflected by fallen snow – can still wreak havoc on your skin. Try using a broad-spectrum sunscreen on your hands and face before heading outside. If you plan to brave the cold for more than a few hours, make sure to reapply.

Helping Hands

Your hands have much thinner skin than the rest of body and far fewer oil glands. That makes it far more difficult to keep your hands from drying out when compared to other parts of the body. Dry hands can cause cracking and itching, which can have a noticeable effect on your appearance. Make sure to wear gloves when heading outside to limit dryness.

Avoid Wet Socks and Gloves

Marching through the snow can soak your gloves and socks, which in turn can irritate your skin and cause sores, cracking, itching, and eczema flare-ups. If you have to wade through wet conditions, consider carrying an extra pair of socks and gloves should what you’re wearing become soaked.

Remember to visit your dermatologist in Salem to find out what practices can best help to protect your skin from harsh winter weather. Valley View Dermatology offers a wide selection of the top skin care products on the market. No matter what condition your skin, we can help you find the right product at the right price so you can enjoy smooth, beautiful skin all year ’round.