Laser Therapy

Pulsed Dye Laser: Treatment for Vascular Lesions

As one of best dermatologist Wilsonville has to offer and one of Salem’s top-rated dermatologists, we offer this specialized laser treatment, which is designed to rid patients of benign vascular lesions such as rosacea, facial veins, leg veins, psoriasis, red birthmarks such as port-wine stains, and even stretch marks and wrinkles.

It delivers an intense but gentle burst of yellow light that selectively destroys the blood vessels of vascular lesions without damaging the surrounding skin and tissue. The laser pulse can selectively remove specific targets in the skin by using the correct wavelength, energy setting, and pulse duration. The precision targeting offered by pulsed dye laser makes the treatment so safe it can even be used to treat children.

Contact us at the Valley View Clinic Wilsonville or the Valley View Clinic in Salem to see if pulsed dye laser therapy is right for you.

Excimer Laser: Treatment for Psoriasis and Vitiligo

With Excimer laser therapy, Valley View Dermatology is excited to offer our patients an advanced method of treatment for psoriasis and vitiligo not currently available in the majority of dermatology clinics.

The Excimer laser selectively destroys overactive immune cells in psoriatic lesions and stimulates pigment-producing cells in vitiligo. The laser generates a concentrated beam of ultraviolet light focused directly into psoriatic lesions using a handheld piece of equipment that rests directly on the skin. By precisely targeting only active lesions, the Excimer laser can safely deliver a high-dose treatment without damaging healthy skin. The results are fast clearing skin that stays looking its best. Most importantly, the entire process is entirely painless!

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