Latisse Eyelash Treatment

Valley View Dermatology is pleased to introduce LATISSE® a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker, and darker. LATISSE marks the first FDA-approved prescription treatment for inadequate or short eyelash growth.

LATISSE makes improved eyelash growth possible thanks to its active ingredient - bimatoprost. While the precise mechanism of action is currently unknown,  LATISSE is believed to affect the growth (anagen) phase of the eyelash hair cycle in two ways: first, it increases the length of the phase, and second, it increases the number of hairs grown during this phase.

LATISSE is a nightly topical treatment you apply to the base of your upper eyelashes, as instructed by our dermatologists. Over the following weeks, you will begin to see a noticeable improvement in your eyelash length. Most patients start to see growth in as little as four weeks, with full growth occurring within 16 weeks.

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