More Tips on Laser Hair Removal in Salem

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Welcome back to our continuing look at laser hair removal in Salem.

If you’re interested in saying “goodbye” to razors and shaving, then laser hair removal might just be the answer you’re looking for.

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Now, let’s finish our look at what this exciting cosmetic treatment can do to help you look and feel your best.

You Will, and Should, Feel Swollen

As we covered in our last blog post, laser hair removal treatments do come with some minor discomfort.

If you emerge from your treatment sessions feeling like you’ve gone a few rounds with a bumblebee, that’s perfectly normal. What you’re experiencing is called perifollicular edema, a fancy way of saying “swollen hair follicles.”

Fortunately, by experiencing this effect it means your treatment was likely successful.

It’s not uncommon for patients to experience some stinging, redness, and itchiness for 48 hours following treatment. However, most patients will only experience these side effects for a few hours following their appointment.

Results Do Vary

Just as everyone has a slightly different complexion and skin tone, the results achieved through laser hair removal will vary depending on the person and the areas being treated.

For example, coarse hairs commonly found in the bikini and underarm area may require four or five visits to fully resolve. Conversely, finer hairs usually located on the upper lip and arms may take multiple visits to treat, and are far more difficult, due to their fine nature, to fully eliminate.

In some ways, patients should brace themselves for results that may seem more like laser hair thinning than outright removal. The density and volume of hair can be reduced for every patient, but not every patient will enjoy complete hair removal.

You Need to Stay Out of the Sun (And for Good Reason)

As we mentioned in our previous post, laser hair removal works by using high intensity light that’s absorbed by the hair follicle. The hair will transform the light into heat, thereby permanently damaging the follicle to prevent any future hair growth.

To effectively complete this process, it’s important that a patient’s skin is as close to their base as possible.

We recommend avoiding any excessive sun exposure or tanning of any kind for at least two weeks prior to receiving any hair removal treatments.

Let Us Know About Any Medication You’re Taking

You need to be open and honest with our team at Valley View Dermatology about any medications you may be taking prior to your appointment.

Antibiotics are light-sensitive, so if a patient is using an antibiotic cream or topical medication, the substances could become superheated by the laser, resulting in burns that could be difficult to erase.

As a general rule, we always ask that patients report any changes in the medications they’re taking at the beginning of each new visit.

You Can Change Your Mind (Somewhat)

At Valley View Dermatology, we believe in open and honest communication with our patients. If you start treatment and find that laser hair removal isn’t for you, it’s perfectly fine to stop.

Depending on which areas are being treated and how many treatments you’ve received, it may be possible for at least some hair to regrow in certain areas.

However, deciding to stop treatment after four out of five sessions targeting a specific area will probably mean living with the results already achieved.

If you’re uncertain about the treatment, try starting on a part of the body you’d like to see a decrease in hair growth. After only one or two sessions, hair growth won’t be entirely eliminated. While the amount and thickness of the hair will probably be less, you should still be able to grow some hair in the future if you decide to stop receiving treatments.


We hope this has helped to answer some of your questions regarding laser hair removal in Salem. If you have any other questions, make sure to ask any member of our team for more information during your next visit to Valley View Dermatology.

Come back next week as we release our final blog about laser hair removal as we take a closer look at the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum, the latest and most advanced laser hair removal system in existence.