Identifying the Latest Skin Care Trends for 2020

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The skincare industry continues to amaze with what seems like a never-ending series of quality products designed to revolutionize how we moisturize, cleanse, and keep our skin looking radiant.

In 2020, skincare only promises to get more sophisticated. Just as 2019 was the year of retinol, vitamin C, and facial mists, 2020 has a new hotlist of products and formulas that will soon become the talk of social media and skincare counters across the country.

Let’s take a look at some of the skincare trends we expect to become the next big thing in 2020.

Minerals in 2020 Become What Vitamins Were to 2019

The skincare industry has seen a significant increase in the popularity of adaptogens and supplements over the last 12 months. Considering the boost they provide to our skin and mood, it’s easy to understand why. Studies have shown that up to 50 percent of the world’s population have some type of mineral deficiency, which heavily suggests that minerals will be part of a new wave of skincare products – both topical and ingestible.

One such mineral is magnesium, which works to better manage stress in the body, while also helping to rebalance and calm our skin. Another popular mineral is selenium, which contains a high level of antioxidants that can also act as an enhancer for other antioxidant-rich ingredients to boost the protective properties offered by most skincare products.

Expect to see both of these minerals in the ingredient list of the most popular skincare products moving forward.

Lip Care Starts to Resemble Skin Care

Today, most skincare products offer a hybrid of different features and functions. Moisturizers now contain sunscreen and toners can now help exfoliate. Heading into 2020, we’ll start to see this type of multi-use approach implemented into the majority of lip care products on the market.

We think it won’t be long before you start seeing lip care products that both hydrate and exfoliate, with some potential to even bridge the gap between simple lip care and makeup. Other areas of improvement could include treatments, scrubs, and lip masks that contain ingredients that also benefit the skin that work to provide more than just improved looking lips, but that also deeply nourish and heal your lips as well.

Multi-tasking products will do everything from hydrating and nourishing to giving great color and protection against the sun. Some of these types of products are already on the market, and more are certain to come as we head into the new year.

Potent Actives Take the Next Step Forward

In 2020, we should start to see new advances in potent actives hit the market, along with different formulas, as well. Traditionally, masks and serums have contained the highest concentration of actives, but we anticipate these highly effective ingredients will soon start to show up in other parts of your skincare routine. One of the reasons to expect to see more of these type of potent ingredients is due to significant advances that have been made in making inactive ingredients far more stable.

We may also see an increase in encapsulated formulas that provide a slow but steady release of these types of ingredients throughout the day.

Natural Acids

The beauty industry loves all thing clean and natural, so expect brands to find new ways to incorporate this philosophy into more of their products. One potential innovation is to use acids that are naturally derived, which provides a gentler approach when compared to more commonly used acids like BHA and AHA. When sourced from natural botanical extracts, botanical AHAs can come from coconut flower or hibiscus flower and offer a great option for exfoliating without any type of irritation.

Simpler Skincare

As potent actives get added to more skincare products, we run the risk of having too much of a good thing. While active ingredients offer a lot of advantages, they definitely need to be used carefully. Using too many products that contain these type of ingredients can lead to dehydration, tightness, sensitivity, and redness. Truly an example of too much of a good thing.

In 2020, we should start to see people taking a break, and that the skincare world will start to adopt a slow and steady approach when it comes to actives. For example, a chemical peel may instantly exfoliate skin, but it can also compromise the natural barrier of our skin, making it far more susceptible to irritation and damage. To counteract this type of effect, we anticipate seeing the addition of more soothing, healing, and calming ingredients to skincare products.


Which of these skincare trends make you the most excited? Which do you have questions about? Contact our office today or take to any member of our team at Valley View Dermatology, and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have about what skincare in 2020 has to offer.