Don’t Let Unsightly Dermatology Problems Keep You From Feeling Your Best

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If honest with ourselves, most of us have some type of physical condition we consider incredibly embarrassing, and would never admit to even under oath.

Whether excessive underarm sweating leaves you unwilling to raise your hands above the waist or noticeable leg veins means that your shorts stay in the dresser all season long, there are certain types of cosmetic conditions that can leave us feeling less confident about ourselves than we should. Fortunately, options for advanced dermatology in Keizer means you don’t need to let these types of problems linger.

Our team of skin care doctors can offer you affordable and lasting solutions for treating some of the most common types of dermatology problems that can rob us of our confidence. Let’s take a look at three embarrassing conditions that we can help treat with a little cosmetic dermatology.

Double Chin

Even if content with our overall weight, a double chin can stand out as a serious source of embarrassment. To help eliminate this unwanted feature, the team at the Dermatology Clinic offers KYBELLA injections.

As the only FDA-approved injectable treatment designed to eliminate fat cells under the chin, KYBELLA utilizes the properties of synthetic deoxycholic acid to improve your chin profile. A naturally occurs molecule in the body, deoxycholic acid works to naturally break down and absorb dietary fat.

When injected into the fat underneath a patient’s chin, KYBELLA eliminates fat cells. By eliminating fat cells entirely, this cells can no longer store or accumulate fat in the future. This offers patients a lasting solution for permanently sculpting their chins into the desired shape.

Excessive Underarm Sweating

As the old commercial used to say, we want to be Sure about how our underarms look whenever we raise our hands. Sweat stained armpits can be a surefire source of embarrassment, whether at work or out on a date. If severe underarm sweating has you worried, BOTOX Hyperhidrosis treatment may offer the solution you’ve been wanting.

Sweating is a natural, and even beneficial, means of regulating the body’s temperature. Unfortunately, for patients dealing with hyperhidrosis, overactive sweat glands can cause the body to product far more sweat than either what’s natural or needed for keeping the body cool.

BOTOX treatment can temporarily halt the production of excessive sweat in treated areas. When injected into the underarm area, BOTOX works to prevent the release of a chemical that signals sweat glands to activate. While multiple injections may be needed to prevent sweating, results can last up to a year once treatment is completed.

Leg Veins

If unsightly leg veins keep you from wearing the types of clothing you prefer, sclerotherapy may be right for you. This medical procedure can improve the appearance of superficial leg veins.

This type of treatment involves the injection of a solution directly into the vein. The solution then irritates the lining of the blood vessel, causing it to collapse and stick together, thereby eliminating unsightly veins altogether.

Advanced Dermatology in Keizer Can Offer the Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Don’t let certain unsightly cosmetic conditions keep you from looking and feeling your best. Contact Valley View Dermatology today to see what solutions our skin doctors have for helping you restore confidence in the way you look.