Discover the Dermaplaning Difference

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Have you ever wondered how celebrities always seem to have skin that simply glows? While quality genes and working with a team of professional makeup artists certainly helps, there’s one more industry secret our skin care doctors in Wilsonville think every patient should know – dermaplaning.

If you haven’t heard of the difference dermaplaning can make to the health and appearance of your skin, we invite you to find out firsthand just what exactly this procedure can offer. Let’s take a look at dermaplaning, what it can treat, and what you can expect.

What is Dermaplaning?

Let’s start with the basics and look at just what exactly dermaplaning entails. Dermaplaning is a skin care procedure that involves the use of a sharp tool that works to exfoliate the surface of your skin, while also removing fine hairs. In essence, dermaplaning involves one of our skin care doctors in Wilsonville taking a small scalpel and scraping the surface of your skin using light, feathery strokes. While this may sound like a form of torture, you’d be surprised about how non-invasive the treatment actually feels.

What are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

So, what does having one of our skin care doctors in Wilsonville scrap your face with a scalpel do to actually improve your complexion? It does a lot, actually.

The primary benefit offered by dermaplaning is to give the skin an immediate exfoliation that causes it to appear luminous and glowing for several weeks. Not only does your skin look healthier, the treatment also enables faster cell turnaround and a smoother overall texture.

Dermaplaning is frequently recommended as a precursor treatment for patients planning to undergo a deep chemical peel or laser treatment, to allow the products used in those treatments to penetrate deeper and more fully. As an added bonus, the slight shaving motion involved in dermaplaning helps to eliminate any little facial hairs while simultaneously exfoliating your skin.

Patients who undergo dermaplaning must wear sunscreen and avoid sun exposure until the skin has had a chance to fully heal.

Who Benefits from Dermaplaning?

Any patient who wants to remove unwanted facial hair and who wants to exfoliate their skin can benefit from dermaplaning. The procedure also makes a great alternative for patients with sensitive skin who can’t use certain products and exfoliating treatments.

What’s the Difference Between Dermaplaning and Dermabrasion?

While these two treatments sound incredibly similar, they couldn’t be more different. Dermabrasion is an exfoliating treatment that involves the use of micro-crystals and suction to remove dead skin cells. In fact, dermabrasion has become far less popular in recent years due to potential complications.

In contrast, dermaplaning offers a quick and easy solution for improving the health of your skin, all with minimal downtime needed for recovery.

Does Dermaplaning Cause Any Discomfort?

Despite how the procedure might sound, dermaplaning causes almost no discomfort. Most patients report barely feeling anything during and following the procedure. The only possible side effect patients may experience is a slight redness of the face. Fortunately, this will fade fairly quickly once the procedure is complete.

Dermaplaning offers a safe and incredibly efficient option for patients looking to exfoliate their skin. If you want to discover more about how this remarkable procedure can help make your skin look and feel younger, contact our office today for your consultation with one of our skin care doctors in Wilsonville.