2020 Skincare Resolutions Everyone Should Make

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With the New Year upon us, the time has come to finally make good on all of those self-care promises you made to yourself for 2020, starting with skincare. Whether you determined the time has come to get into shape or reevaluate some dietary choices, the one area you shouldn’t neglect is to adopt the best practices for keeping your skin looking and feeling its best.

We all fall into practicing bad habits, and that’s fine. But now that the New Year is here, why not make a fresh start where all of those bad habits become a thing of the past? No more picking at your skin or sleeping in your makeup. In the year 2020, you’ll start making the right choices that will help your skin look and feel like you want.

Let’s take a look at a few skincare resolutions you should consider keeping for 2020 and beyond.

Wear Sunscreen Everyday

Whether from your beautician, dermatologist, or mother, you will always and consistently hear about the need to wear sunscreen every single day. However, remembering to apply a layer of SPF each morning before heading out the door can become challenging with so many of us living such busy lives.

This is one step you need to take, not only for the health of your skin, but for your body as well. With melanoma rates continuing to climb, you absolutely must take some precaution against excess sun exposure as UV rays can penetrate you skin all year round, even in the perpetually cloudy Pacific Northwest.

Try using a lightweight SPF formula for the face, such as a moisturizer or invisible shield, with at least a 30 SPF.

Cleanse Once and Then Twice

Removing the makeup from your face and actually cleaning your face take multiple steps. Therefore, you need to cleanse your face twice before considering it clean.

Start by using an oil or balm cleanser applied to a flannel to remove makeup. Once all of your makeup has been removed, switch to using a wash-off cleanser to remove any additional dirt, product, or grim that accumulated throughout the day.

Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Despite the best intentions, most people fail to give their makeup brushes the attention they deserve with a regular cleaning. Sadly, by taking this simple step, you can significantly reduce the number of breakouts and other skin related issues you develop due to using dirty brushes.

What’s the point of investing in expensive skin care products if you just sabotage the health of your skin by failing to clean your makeup brushes? You’d be amazed at the amount of gunk and bacteria that can accumulate on a brush, so do yourself a favor and make cleaning your brushes a biweekly event you simply cannot miss.

Stop Sleeping in Your Makeup

We all know the importance of removing our makeup at night. But, we’ve all been in a position where we come home exhausted late at night and the thought of removing our makeup seems like a bridge too far.

Unfortunately, wearing your makeup to bed is like putting a tarp over your face that allows for the serious accumulation and buildup of bacteria. If you want a breakout, all you need to do is wear your makeup to bed for a few nights and your pores will become red and angry in no time.

While not ideal, consider leaving some cotton pads and cleansing micellar water by your bed before heading out for what you imagine will be a late night. Sitting bedside and removing some of your makeup before passing out doesn’t replace taking the time to complete your full nightly skincare routine, but it’s better than the alternative.

Wash Your Hair and Brush Your Teeth Before Washing Your Face

This may seem like an odd ordering of your daily activities, but let us explain. If you experience persistent breakouts on your chin, make it a point to wash and moisturize your face after brushing. Why? Well, it’s not uncommon for a little toothpaste to spill down chin, which basically undoes any skincare work you’ve already done.

Additionally, if you condition and shampoo your hair after washing your face in the shower, excess products can remain built up on the skin, especially along the hairline.

Make the switch to always washing your face last and you’ll start to notice a difference in the effectiveness of your skincare routine.